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Olive oil: Wedding Gift Favors



If you are planning for your wedding with an Italian style or it can be your best friend's wedding, you have to understand that I can be very time consuming due to the fact that you have to go through with a lot of details most especially when it comes to the wedding favors. Well, you can think of so many things for a wedding favor but one of the most popular keepsakes are a bottle of olive oil which is quite perfect especially if you are thinking of an Italian style wedding reception. This is due to the fact that olive oils are useful and it is also a very practical wedding gifts favors that will surely be appreciated by your wedding guests. Apart from that, it goes very well to your Italian themed wedding that you are planning.


Whenever you give a wedding favor that you guest can actually use, they would feel more appreciated as compared to cute but your guests are unable to use it. Most of the guests could not actually count how many useless wedding favors they have received over the years since most of them would also feel bad if they just simply throw it away which they end up keeping it inside a box or their closet. So instead of giving your wedding guests items that they cannot use and would simply take up more space in their house, you can give them a bottle of olive oil as a wedding gifts favors. You can choose a lot of bottle designs that will match from your existing Italian wedding d?cor in your reception.


Since you are using bottle for olive oil for dairy and gluten free diet you also have options when it comes to giving them out to your guests. Most often you will place it in a table where your guests are sitting you may have the option to put olive oil so that you guest will be able to recognize what your wedding favor is. You can also place small flowers in the bottles and use it as a centerpiece. But if you already have the centerpiece you may simply place the empty bottles on the tables and since your wedding theme is Italian, your guests will surely know what the bottles are for.


When you choose to have a theme for you wedding, such as the Italian wedding, it is very important that the reception of your wedding relates to the entire theme. It should also be important that your wedding gifts favors will also match with your theme since most often they are overlooked by the brides. If you use olive oil as a wedding gifts favor, especially for an Italian themed wedding then this is the best way to end your perfect Italian themed wedding.


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