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Why are Olive Oil Packages the Best Gift?



It is probable for anyone to picture out that the Mediterranean regions don't have any olive oil trees? Those olive trees that has silvery green leaves definitely provide us a unique fruit which has added a remarkable flavor to the cuisines of the Western area. From the Greek mythology, we all know that Zeus organized a competition, challenging all the gods and goddesses to see who is able to generate the most useful and beneficial gift. Athena generated the olive oil tree with its tasty oil that was utilized to provide meaning and comfort to life. Athena then became the patron of Attica and the gift she created, the olive oil tree, was planted at the Acropolis.


And the winners of the ancient Olympics were also crowned with the use of an olive oil branch and were provided with olive oil in a special container called as lecithy. The oil and its branches were symbols of nobility and goodness. At the present time, the Christian churches as well as Jewish synagogues are utilizing olive oil or olive in general for their ceremonies. Now, people make and give away oil and vinegar gift sets.


The olive oil is considered as a liquid gold. The extra virgin olive oil is generated from the routing of the olives and then from the succeeding pressing of the olives which comes from all of these various grads. In Italy, Greece and most of the regions in Mediterranean, the olives are actually harvested in the last months of fall. The olives have the propensity to form bruises once they fell on the ground and bruising can lead to fermentation and oxidation of the fruit. This would lead to high acidity, affecting the taste and overall quality of the fruit and for this reason, hand picking of the olives contribute to its high cost.


The Greek olive is complex and fruity. The nets are positioned below the olive trees so that as the olive falls, it will be on a smoother texture when the branches are stripped from their fruits. On the whole, they are placed in a stainless steel or wicker containers that are then positioned in the trucks and are conveyed to the mill. The olives are then washed and deleafed and then will be crushed by huge stones that have been utilized for hundreds of years now. the olive oil that would come out from it is the kind of procedure - the first press then through the cold press is called as extra virgin olive oil used often for cooking gluten free.


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